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NEW CULTURAL COUNSELLOR PLEDGES SUPPORT TO ZIMBABWEAN UNIVERSITIES/// Report on the celebration of the birth anniversary of Imam Ali (as) in Harare///

During the year major activities of the cultural center were as i) Publishing of articles in newspapers and magazines.
ii) Participating in festivals, cultural and arts exhibitions.
iii) Showing of Iranian documentary and cinema movies through ZTV.
iv) Interviews with mass media on the cultural issues.
v) Development of amicable relations with universities, cultural, scientifical Institution and educational centres.
vi) Organizing several seminars.
vii) Supporting some dissertation thesis.
viii) Supporting Islamic Institutions and organizations.
ix) Preparing of articles, cultural and social reports about Zimbabwe.
x) Organizing Persian Course.
xi) Visiting the intellectuals.
xii) Supporting and strengthening of Zim-Iran Friendship Association.
xiii) Doing some research about culture and civilization of Zimbabwe.
xiv) Organizing some gathering for the minority community of Iranians who reside in Zimbabwe.
xv) Organizing educational courses.
xvi) Library services.
xvii) Audio visual services.  
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