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NEW CULTURAL COUNSELLOR PLEDGES SUPPORT TO ZIMBABWEAN UNIVERSITIES/// Report on the celebration of the birth anniversary of Imam Ali (as) in Harare///

The background of the cultural relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of Zimbabwe

The Islamic Republic of Iran signed a cultural agreement in 1991 with the Republic of Zimbabwe Government for 5 years. The agreement can be extended automatically every 5 eyars. In addition, the final process of the exchange of the programme on the implementation of the cultural, educational, and technical co-operation has been actioned and the programme will be signed in the near future.

The topics of the cultural agreement between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of Zimbabwe are as follow:

- exchanging of books, publications, magazines, newspapers, pictures, slides, posters, films, microfilms, tapes in the field of culture, education, science and arts as well as some information including the history, geography and cultures of the two countries.
- To facilitate coordination possibly for sciences, researches and members of the cultural societies and youth organizations of both countries to visit historical sites, The places of interest, libraries, museums and cultural institutions.
- Organizing of cultural week and film festival, speeches and promoting of tourism.
- Exchanging of Professors, Teachers, Scientists, Intellectuals, Researchers, and Journalists.
- Facilitating exchanging of programmes in the field of development of youth affairs and short courses of management.
- Exchanging artists and arts groups of the two countries.
- Organizing traditional, national arts exhibitions as well as scientific exhibitions, libraries and historical sites.
- Exchanging of radio and Television programmes.
- Facilitation and cooperation among Universities, scientifical, cultural, arts and educational organizations and facilitation of organizing friendly competition between the two countries.
- Encourage exchange of young trainers in the field of technology of fabric.
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